Plant and Trust

few months ago the Father opened my eyes to how much the farmers work, day in and day out and into the night at times.  I was just driving past a farm that I always go past and I kept seeing how much work they do.  Yes, I have realized this before but it hit me how much we complain everyday about stupid little things and farmers are out there working so hard doing what they need to do so their crops get harvested or cows get milked etc.   


decided to interview Sue and Lynn Eberly who own a farm.  I have never been around a farm so I have no experience as to what all they go through.  Here are some things that were highlighted to me during their interview. 


Lynn had explained that he had been living at that farm since he was one.  His dad had the farm and as the years went on, him and his wife Sue had a partnership with his dad for 6 years and then later bought the business and then bought the farm.  This spoke about inheritance to me.  Even though they bought the business and farm they were still given the inheritance of how to run a business and farm so they had something to have for themselves and their family.  It is so important what we do now on a daily basis.  Everyone around us is watching, listening.  Especially our families.  What we do or say is taken in and digested and then especially our kids will then go and do and say what we do and say.  What we teach them is directly affecting their future.   


 “During the day, be ready for interruptions.  You are not available to what God has for you if you are not open to interruptions.” – Sue Eberly 


How many times do we go about our day and schedule what we do and not consider what He desires for us to do that day?  Being open to interruptions allows our heart to tune into His heart for us as it may be for us to do something out of the norm or routine of the day.   


One of the things I asked Lynn and Sue was what was one thing that was challenging to them and how did they overcome it?  Lynn mentioned that his identity was in milking cows. It was getting stressful to be able to make any money off milking.  So, they prayed and preplanned and nothing came out as planned but it was God working things out.  They told the Father, I am done.  There is nothing else we can do.  They attended church one Sunday and the pastor was talking about 2 Chronicles 20.  “I don’t know what to do but my eyes are on you.” They kept their faith even through the unknown times.   



Not having rain is also something that is challenging and very stressful for them.  “We plant the seed and expect to get a crop. It’s up to God to water it.” – Lynn Eberly  Such amazing faith each and every year believing and knowing that He is faithful and will bring the rain and the harvest.   


“We plant in faith.  Put a lot of money in the ground like buried treasure and then wait expectantly for the Lord to do His part.  It’s all out of our control but we have the faith that things will grow and no matter what happens, whether there is a lot of harvest or not so much we will do it again the next year with a renewed faith of another growing season.  We are like this with our walk with God.  We have faith in God, no matter what.  Just because something doesn’t turn out as expected we don’t walk away from our faith but because Jesus is deep within us we press on fighting the fight, run the race and keep the faith, we press on because that is just who we are.  I have found the rewards of farm life to greatly outweigh the challenges.  It has a way of keeping me deeply rooted in Jesus out of need, praise, and many many parallels with scripture.” 

There is so much in that last paragraph.  “We plant in faith.”  Many times when we are parenting, ministering, teaching etc., we don’t always SEE what is happening in the other’s hearts.  We may think what we teach or say is hitting the ground and not being absorbed.  The outcome with our kids, people we are in relationship with or ministering to may be different than what we had in mind but it doesn’t mean the Father isn’t faithful.  You don’t walk away from the faith of knowing He is working in their lives.

“No matter what happens, whether there is a lot of harvest or not so much we will do it again the next year with a renewed faith of another growing season.” 

Yes!  Staying steady and firm in our faith when things don’t go as planned or desired and knowing He will be faithful in that.  So, pastors, leaders, teachers, moms, dads, any of you, know that what you are teaching and ministering to those around you is making a difference.  He spoke through you.  They heard.  It was planted.  Now Trust Him.