What is my focus?

I woke up Sunday August 13th with a man saying to me Luke 14, pride.  I immediately woke with a desire to look this scripture up and see what the Father would show me.

Luke 14 starts by talking about how Jesus was desiring to heal someone on the Sabbath.  He purposely asked the Pharisees if this was ok.  Then proceeded to heal the man and ask them who would not heal their son or ox if they were stuck in a well.

They could say nothing.

What came to mind was what is my focus.  What is my main motivation or pull to do or say things.  What is it that tugs at my heart?  Is it that I want to impress someone?  Am I acting in fear of man?  Is it to be seen? Jesus was not focused on the law or what was right or wrong to do on the Sabbath but what was in His heart and to see that person healed.  He had compassion and love towards them.  The Pharisees were too into the norm.  Their mind set was, this is what is always done so this is how it should be.

Sunday AM I was thankful to have this brought to my mind before going to church.  It prepared me to come with a different perspective.  One of, God is my first.  What I focus on has to be lead by Him not my fleshly motivations.  I was constantly checking my heart.  Now some may think this can be exhausting.  Maybe for some it is.  Right now I am at a place of desiring to make changes for the better.  Taking in the discipline of the Father so I can see with His eyes freely.  Sure, it doesn’t feel very good but actually it really does.  It is like exercising.  Going through the pain knowing that a better result is coming.  Yes He accepts me and loves me just the way I am but there is such a hunger in me to clean those closets in  my heart that I have left alone for too long.  I have allowed the cobwebs of, “I will deal with that another day,” or “it hurts too much to have His love touch that right now,” to get comfortable in my heart.

Reading the scripture Sunday AM awoke me to my own slumber and helped me want to take steps to not perfection but to do well and a pull to shine Him better.

I read on in Luke and it talks about taking the last place with pleasure.  Allow those who have been invited to the place of honor at the table to have that place and your heart is of joy and rest.  Then, those who invite the guests to invite those who are of need.

Jesus talks about how there was a man who told his servant to go and invite a bunch of people for dinner but they had other things that were more important to do.  So the man told the servant to go and invite the poor and needy.  They all came.

I felt like He was showing me that when we allow pride – this will impress this person, my fear is bigger than God today or I need to be seen to validate who I am, is our way of saying to Jesus, I don’t have time today.  My way is more important.

I have been and will be taking some time each day to search my heart in what is my focus.  What makes me want to go forth and do or say something.  If it isn’t about HIM, Jesus, the Almighty.  Then, it is in the flesh.  It isn’t about Jesus at all.  He is not my focus.  I would be just like those that would say, I need to do before I can be with you.  They weren’t trusting Him.  They turned to what was familiar and comfortable.

Father help me to make sure that you are my focus.  That whether I am at World Harvest Outreach or out at the store or at work, you are my focus in my actions, thoughts and words.

Help me to not allow the idols of comfort to lead me but to allow your heart to be my heart and direct me straight to you and your desires!