He is calling you up higher… To serve.


Oh my goodness there is so much to say about this subject.  I am learning as I write this.

It is 1:40am and I photographed a wedding technically yesterday.  It was a 10 hour day and when I came home I won’t lie, I felt like crying I was so exhausted.  But, there was an amazing thing that happened at this wedding.  The Groom washed his bride’s feet.

This triggered me to look into why Jesus washed His disciples feet.  In John 13 it starts by talking about just before the Passover Feast.  Well then  I had to look at the Passover Feast.   It was a celebration of being free of captivity.  It is a national celebration of freedom through God’s intervention and deliverance.

Judas who we all know as the one who betrayed Jesus was there amongst them.  Jesus put on a towel and was getting ready to do a foot washing of the disciples.  Peter said for Him to never wash His feet.  He didn’t want to have Jesus be doing such lowly things.  Jesus’ reply to him was that if Peter didn’t let Him wash his feet that he couldn’t be a part of Him.  In the message it says:

John 13:8

Peter persisted, “You’re not going to wash my feet—ever!”

Jesus said, “If I don’t wash you, you can’t be part of what I’m doing.”


Peter then said for Him to wash all of him as he of course wanted to be apart of what Jesus was doing.  The disciples thought so highly of Him that they couldn’t stand to see Him wash their feet.  As He explains later that even though He is seen as a Master and Teacher He still put Himself as a servant and washed their feet.  He then says for them to also allow for washing of each others feet.  He set an example.  Jesus knew Judas would betray Him and that Peter would deny Him.  Yet He still washed their feet.

Let me stop right here for a moment.

First of all the Passover Feast was about to happen.  One of celebrating deliverance of captivity because of God’s Devine intervention.  But, Jesus shows His love and forgiveness to them knowing what was about to happen.  He was already showing to them personally how to become free of captivity.  Wash each others  feet.  Put others first knowing they will deny you and betray you.  It doesn’t matter if they will.  We are to wash their feet.  Of course you can do this naturally but in your heart see them as one who you will serve.  Yes your enemies and ones you don’t know and you do know will deny you and betray you.  A heart of true love towards them.  (Jesus help me to do this!)

I also saw that during the wedding today when I saw the groom wash his bride’s feet that this was a prophetic picture of what Jesus is doing right now to His bride if you allow Him to.  He wants to come and wash you.  He is calling those to come and follow Him but He wants to wash you.  Allow Him to wash you so you can fully be used by Him.  I know it isn’t easy or without pain but man I truly  want to be used by Jesus FULLY!  I am not saying that Jesus can’t use you if you don’t allow this to happen but I think Jesus won’t  have every area of your heart if you don’t which in turn won’t allow you to be used fully.  Be all in with Jesus!! Allow Him to show you His love and forgiveness for you in every area of your life.

I have heard from others that when you “teach” about something expect to be tested on it so I write this with hesitation.  I don’t want to be denied or betrayed but it will happen as the scripture says don’t be surprised when these things happen because it happened to Jesus.

Jesus thank you for your amazing example of humility, love and forgiveness.  Truly seeing everyone with the eyes of love and wanting them to come into their fullness.  I am excited and so very thankful that you are calling us up higher to serve others even those who will deny or betray or hurt us.  Jesus help us to see how you see.  Let our hearts NOW see others with your love and forgiveness.

Love you all!