Let Them Go Through the Hard Stuff

One of the hardest things as parents is letting your child go through the tough hard things.  The Mamma and Pappa bear want to shield and protect and keep our kids or family or friends from the painful hard things.  Its a struggle to even say this but we have to let them go through it so they see how to problem solve, see how much those that care about them love them and to see Jesus in themselves and in the situation.  Let your kids, friends and family go through the hard stuff.  When they do you will see the fruit of your labor come forth and you will sit back in awe of what Jesus has done in your kids, family or friendship through the years.  Its painful for us to see but it is necessary for their growth and relationship with the Father.  Jesus does it with us, we need to do it with our children, family and friends too.

I was watching Kinzy during worship one Sunday. She was walking around freely full of joy on the stage. She had stepped off the stage and fell a little. Chris was watching the whole time. When she fell he remained steady not flinching and confident she was ok. She had gotten up totally fine and was continuing her confident and joyful walk. Then, she started to walk too far and Chris went after her brought her back and held her. She wanted to get down. He kept holding her tight. She was squirming and cried to get down. He pulled her closer and held her tight. She eventually relaxed and rested in Chris’ arms.

I thought this was a wonderful picture of how The Father is with us. He is watching us and over us and if we fall a little and he knows we will be ok and He doesn’t move. He remains confident in what we are doing. (I think if He did move and come and comfort us we would rely too much on our feelings). Then, if we start walking away too far He will come and find us and bring us back and hold us tight even if we don’t want to be held and just cover us with His love. At first we kick and scream but then we surrender and accept the love and rest in Him.

If you are going through a time that feels like why is God allowing me to go through this hard time.  Where is He?  I don’t understand why He isn’t making this hard thing go away. If you are feeling this please know He is with you.  He has a purpose for the hard things.  Go to someone and tell them what is going on.  Have an open heart toward the Lord to show you what is in the hard stuff.  He is always faithful.  Or do you have someone you know or a loved one who is going through it?  Protect them with prayer and support by talking with them.  Watch what the Lord will do.  Obviously if the situation is not safe or healthy intervene.  Otherwise, allow for them to go through it.  If they don’t this time, another time will come so they can learn what needs to be learned.

I ask that God’s love surrounds you and brings you peace.  Allow Him to cover you in His love.  Don’t allow walls of bitterness to come up towards Him.  Even If you do he will just come find you and hold you until you kick and scream and then surrender to His love and rest.

Love you!