Listen to Truth

The Avengers Movie

God speaks to me in movies sometimes and when we went on Sunday to see the Avengers I was a little disappointed in the beginning because it didn’t seem to have much of a story line. But, I asked God to show me something in the movie.

I usually have to watch a movie several times to remember or to get everything out of it that I feel I need but since it was in the theater and it probably won’t be out for awhile I will have to do the best I can.

Part of it was the Avengers coming together to figure out how they were going to keep the “aliens” from coming to the area. They realized that the only way they were going to be able to do this is TOGETHER. As one.

When Stark was going to get a sword there was a women that snuck into the room he was in. She had a power to make his mind think about his worst fears and failures. He had a vision of being the one to kill all of his Avengers team by not doing enough to help them. He woke and took his sword.

This women visited each Avenger and all of them but one ended up in some what of a trance of being stuck thinking about their fears, past or failures. The one that did not have this happen to him saw what she was doing and fought her off and she left. Those that were put into a mind trap or trance or making them feel afraid or disappointed ended up fighting each other. They were not in unity.

Let me tell you what the Lord was showing me through this. We are so unified right now. The most unified I have ever felt in a church body. It is something amazing that God is doing. I am so thankful for the love and unity at WHO. We are as ONE and will fight TOGETHER to establish all that God wants us to do.

We need to be careful and aware of the thoughts that the enemy may put into our minds that may cause us to think about our fears and back on our past failures or what others may be saying or doing that may not be true. This is a trap that can cause disunity and God isn’t able to move as much if we are not in unity. Yes we need to focus on the Lord and not on the enemy but we also need to learn where he has deceived before and we can recognize this when and if the enemy tries this on us so we can fight it off and it will leave. The one Avenger that didn’t allow the lies to enter his mind was the only one who could think straight.

Later on in the movie the Avengers saw what was going on and recognized what they needed to do to be as ONE or TOGETHER to defeat the enemy. The one lady who put the “spell”on their minds saw the evil that she was apart of with the main enemy and turned from the evil and joined the good. If we can recognize what the enemy whispers to us and realize it is lies and go forth in unity and not listen to them I think those that originally wanted to bring destruction will see their evil ways and come follow those that are lead by the Father and will join in on doing the Lords will.

When they joined together in unity they saved a whole city from the destruction of the enemy. They brought all of the people to safety.

I am not saying that this will definitely happen I am just saying that I think God is warning us as my family and also maybe as the body to be careful to what you listen to, the thoughts that come into your head. Are they lies or truth? Recognize it and fight off the lies so we can stay in unity and bring those that may want to divide into the unity and love of the FATHER to bring forth HIS purpose.

This is the second time in the last month that I have been “warned” about being careful about listening to lies. The other time was in a dream. Some of us from church, one was a leader, were entering a room. We went through a door. The room was white with nothing on the walls except across from where we entered there was a door that lead to another room within the wall. I was with this group that was going to see past the door and then, two other women got scared and one ran out of the room we were in and went down a hallway and the other said, “Did you see the bee?” and then the bee entered someone’s mouth.

This dream was more of saying be careful to not listen to fear and not to allow what others say take you off course of what you are to do because you will end up afraid and maybe end up saying the very things they are saying. The bee entered someone’s mouth. Bees represent witchcraft sometimes in dreams. Speaking against what God is doing. Just because we may not understand what is going on with what God is doing we can’t speak against it as it is like witchcraft.